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Who’s protecting your reputation online?

It used to be simple. In 1945 or 1965 and even up until the early 1990s, if you wanted to know what people were writing about your business, you hired a clipping service — a team of people who scoured all available publications for any mention — good, bad or indifferent — about you or your company.


But the Internet and social media have changed everything. Now there are nearly unlimited opportunities for anyone to go online rate your service, post negative comments, or otherwise share their opinions about your business.


Online Reputation ManagementWho cares what some nut on the Internet things, right? Well, you should care. In fact, you must care about online reputation management.


Because those random comments show up in results when people search for information about your company. How would you feel if some of the first impressions people have about your company are based on negative comments from someone who had one bad experience or simply just has an axe to grind?


Left unanswered, these negative comments can affect your bottom line and erode your brand. You know it can take years to build a positive reputation for your business. What you need to understand is that your reputation can be ruined much more quickly — and with lasting and damaging consequences.


That’s why you need the services of an online reputation management (ORM) expert on your side.


Online Reputation Management – What Is It?


Online reputation management experts not only help you monitor the Web for negative comments and information that could impact your business or brand, they also employ tactics to move negative search results further down the “page” on Google and other search engines, making it less likely that they are seen by current and potential customers.


And if negative news or information on the Web warrants a response, your online reputation management can help you plan and implement a strategy that ensures you don’t sound defensive, but instead respond in away that actually benefits your company’s reputation.


 Online Reputation Management – The DIY Approach


You can try to take the do-it-yourself approach to managing your company’s reputation online. But chances are you will fail. Or you will spend so much time searching for and responding to negative comments that you will neglect other important aspects of your business like serving your current customers.

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